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When do insurance companies need to defend the insured?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Insurance Law |

There are different types of insurance that people in Las Vegas own and each type of insurance works a little differently. Some are in place to mainly protect property from major damages. Others, like car insurance, work in two different ways. It is partially in place to protect people’s property and person, but it is also in place to pay for damages that the insured may cause to other drivers on the road.

Car insurance companies are generally required to pay for damages that their insured customers caused on the roads. After an accident insurance companies need to essentially take over the matter for their insured. They need to determine the extent of the damages, which includes both physical injuries people suffer and damage caused to vehicles and other property. They also have a duty to defend their insured customers against legal actions that may arise from the accident.

Times when insurance companies have a duty to defend

This duty to defend is generally in place regardless of whether the insured is actually at fault or whether the insurance company believes they are required to pay for the damages under the policy. If there is a possibility that the insurance company could be liable for the damages, the insurance company has a duty to defend them in lawsuits.

This means that the insurance company must provide attorneys to represent the insured through the lawsuits generally at no cost to the insured. Whether the insurance company ultimately needs to pay for the damages is not something that is considered when determining whether the insurance company has a duty to defend.

People in Nevada have insurance in place to minimize the damages they pay for in situations with extensive damages. Car insurance is something that most people do not want to use, but people make mistakes and accidents occur. In these situations, it is important to know that insurance companies may need to not only pay for the damages, but also defend the insured in lawsuits brought against them. The stakes can be high in these cases and having a strong insurance defense is important.

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