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Can insurance companies deny my auto claim?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Uncategorized |

We buy insurance to ensure that if the worst happens, we are covered. This is true for life insurance, health insurance and car insurance. When we are in an auto accident, we expect our car insurance company to pay, but unfortunately, they use a variety of reasons to not pay. In this post, we will explore the most common reasons for insurance denials.

Need for speed

Nevada has a speeding problem, but that is not a unique problem. Most states have these issues. However, if one has made modifications to their vehicle to make them faster, or if they are in a car accident as a result of racing, their car insurance company may deny their claim. This is not just for illegal auto racing but also sanctioned racing on a private or public race track that is designed for nonprofessional drivers and vehicles.

Mobile living

Over the past couple of years, the interest in mobile living has exploded. There are even some television programs about van life and modifying vehicles to act as recreational vehicles or tiny homes. But, if after those modifications, there is an auto accident, the Nevada insurance company may classify the vehicle as a dwelling and deny coverage.

Business use

As many drivers’ employment situations have fluctuated, many have started side hustles and done gig work. While this is laudable, if there is a car accident during these business uses, the car insurance company may claim those were disallowed uses and deny coverage.

Road rage

Most Nevadans know that illegal use and intentional damage will likely be the basis of denied coverage, but some may not realize that road rage can be qualified as both. If one uses their car as a weapon, speeds in a race-like manner, damages their car in a fit of anger, etc., the insurance company will likely deny coverage.

Options after denial

Some insurance companies have the ability for insurance denials to be appealed, and indeed, drivers can also complain to the state’s insurance authority. Unfortunately, after a Las Vegas, Nevada, insurance company denies coverage, the only way to get them to pay is to get an attorney.

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